The Founders

Festival Founder & Director

Post graduated from Dr. R M L Avadh University Faizabad, Shah Alam is a travel journalist who has done his higher education from Jamia Central University, New Delhi. While working as a travel journalist for the last decade and half, and having keen interest in the Indian revolutionary movement, Shah founded “Awam ka Cinema” in 2006. He has also produced and directed many documentaries simply by travelling on foot. He is also known for his long 2800 kms journey on cycle for the research on “Matrivedi”. Presently Shah Alam is busy in crafting ‘Chambal Archives’ and ‘Chambal People’s Parliament’ in its full volume.

Chairman, Festival Jury & Director
Award winning Writer, Director, Prof. Dr. Mohan Das apart from film making has successfully conducted the Lakecity International Film Festival, Gwalior over the years has now widened his horizons by taking the concept of film festivals to various cities across India and the globe. With Lakecity being a yearly event well entrenched on to the scene, he is all set to promote Indian Cinema, Art and Culture onto a global platform by joining hands and collaborating with a multitude of film festivals in many countries or offering support to a host of upcoming festivals across the world. Chambal International Film Festival is an offshoot of the same idea that aims at bringing the science, art and emotion through world cinema to the people of Chambal valley.

Offering a premier showcase opportunity for talented film makers and artists, celebrates avante garde cinema, felicitates masters and achievers from all walks of life, the aim of Chambal International Film Festival is to bring countries closer by building bridges to enable cross cultural exchanges, social understanding and creative ideation - Mohan Das is working tirelessly to bring films to new audiences across Eon Films through programme of screenings, working with partner organisations and of course, looking forward to deliver a great festival.

He has run short film competitions and workshops, organised screenings for international feature films, and is also working as the festival consultant for feature films. With so much of experience to gather, it was natural for him to be invited on many a film festival as jury including LHIFF (Barcelona), The North Film Festival (New York), Coal City International Film Festival (Nigeria), Penzance International Film Festival (UK), Hohe International Film Festival (Germany), Frames Film Festival (Mumbai), Nilofer-e-Aabi International Film Festival (Mumbai), Aahan International Short Film Festival (Mumbai), Kala Samruddhi International Film Festival (Mumbai), Cotton City International Film Festival (Akola), Acharya Tulsi Short Film Festival (Bikaner), Cortokino International Film Festival (Mumbai) and others.